Are you training for a specific goal?

Our strength and conditioning groups are for those with a specific goal they are working towards. Each client is given an individual program based on their exercise/sporting history, goals, and our fitness testing. There is a maximum of 6 clients per session and the sessions are fully monitored by our trainers to make sure that you are training safely and efficiently so that you make progress week after week. The sessions take place in a relaxed training environment.
  • Who is this for?

    Golfers, tennis players, triathletes, cyclists, etc
    Those who want to be bigger or stronger
    Those who want to learn how to train correctly
    Anyone in need of injury rehabilitation
  • Are you?

    Training but want more?
    Not interested in training as part of a group?
    Playing sport?
  • What we do:

    HIIT / cardio training
    Resistance training
    ŸIndivualised programs
    Max 6 per session
  • Membership includes:

    Ongoing flexibility, mobility & posture assessments
    Fitness and body fat assessments
    Help with food choices
  • How you benefit...

    Achieve your goals
    Improve sporting performance
    Rehab injuries

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