Is small group training for you?

Our group training sessions are for those who want an enjoyable, varied & effective workout every time they enter the gym. With a maximum of 8 people per session, you are never left on your own wondering what you should be doing or how to do it. We are always there to help, guide and motivate you – but not by shouting! 🙂 Our aim is to provide a fun, relaxed environment for you to train in. And because we know the importance of accountability, we can help with keeping you on the straight and narrow both with the gym and with your food choices outside of it.
  • Are you?

    Looking for accountability?
    Tired of not seeing results?
    Not a fan of gyms, or unsure of what to do when you go to the gym?
    Looking for a great workout?
  • What we do:

    Core training
    HIIT / cardio
    Resistance training
    Injury rehabilitation
    Flexibility & mobility
    Max 8 per session
  • Membership includes:

    Ongoing flexibility, mobility & posture assessments
    Fitness and body fat assessments
    Help with food choices
  • How you benefit...

    Lose weight & tone up
    Overcome injuries
    Look and feel great, with more energy
    Feel fitter & stronger!

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